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Cricut Tool Kit 7 pc.

Cricut Tool Kit 7 pc.

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The Cricut tool kit has 7 great tools specially designed for use with the Cricut machines. Exclusive soft-touch handles for superior gripping comfort. Custom-designed tools for creating the most intricate paper crafts. Comfortable and fashionable carrying case for tool storage.

The Cricut Tool Kit includes:

* Bone Folder: Ideal for creasing and folding various types of papers and crafting materials.
* Hook: Stainless steel hook specially designed to easily remove tiny cuts.
* Knife: Stainless steel blade with precision ground cutting edge.
* Ruler: Conveniently marked in inches and millimeters for more accurate measurements.
* Scissors: Hardened steel blades with precision ground cutting edges. Patent pending soft-touch handles provide superior gripping comfort.
* Scoop Tool: Working much like a spoon to lift cut pieces from the mat
* Scraper: Scrapes off and cleans your entire mat from any leftover paper scraps